The Yoga of Tea

Food_Drinks_Tea_ceremony_030860_29As the opening to True Nature’s Tea Room draws near, our thoughts are on the delicious tea we’ll be sipping during the day, before yoga, after yoga and into the evening!    As you are aware, True Nature Healing Arts is dedicated to selling and serving items that are sustainably produced and organic.  It’s been quite an experience to research and source everything from the so-pure-they’re-edible products we’ll use in our spa treatments to the lead free mugs and kettles we’ll be serving your tea in.   We teachers often say, “all life is yoga” and there is certainly a yoga to the serving and savoring of tea, and it begins with the quality of the tea.

Tea should be organic and not only because it tastes better.  Unregulated tea growers have been known to use DDT (yep, that’s illegal) to control insect damage and use raw sewage lines to irrigate their crops (gross!)  These growers are becoming few and far between, but it is nevertheless comforting to know that there is an independent certification board in the US that verifies whether or not tea plants are being grown organically.  To be labeled organic, tea must be grown in soil that hasn’t been treated with synthetic chemicals and fertilizers for three years, these growers are also required to use sustainable methods of farming such as crop rotation, interplanting and composting.  That’s part of what makes organic tea a little more expensive, but that’s what keeps its taste such a pleasure to savor and keeps it good medicine for the body.

Another part of the True Nature Tearoom experience is the higher quality tea that one finds in loose leaf tea.  One of the companies we source our teas from is “Art of Tea” and here is why they say loose leaf tea is the way to go:

“While tea has been around for centuries, it hasn’t been until more recent times that the question of whether one should choose a bagged leaf tea over loose leaf tea and vice versa has come into being. For most consumers these days, tea comes in convenient little packages, ready to be submerged in a steaming cup of hot water. While that is nice and good, there has to be something better, and that something better comes to us in the form of loose leaf tea.  What most people don’t realize is that with just about the same amount of time, you can enjoy an even better cup of tea.  Loose leaf preparation is the way people have prepared and enjoyed tea since the beginning and throughout the ages. Loose leaf tea offers a fuller flavor and the selection of loose leaf teas loose is much more extensive than that of bagged teas.  Loose leaf tea is also more sustainable than bagged tea; there are essentially no paper products or other materials wasted in preparing a loose leaf tea.”

Our next blog on tea describes the different types of tea…they vary widely and their medicinal value along with their earthy flavors are what keeps tea one of the oldest and most venerable beverages in the world!

In good health,