Class Descriptions

Balanced Yoga
In this class, experience the skillful combination of the fundamental standing and floor yoga postures. Designed to leave you feeling steady, balanced, and calm, this is our all-levels hatha yoga class.

Invigorate Yoga
A practice to energize the body through challenging asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), and other elements dependent on the instructor. Realign the flow of your prana (energy) to revive and reawaken.

Flow Yoga
Connecting breath and movement through a series of postures, using smooth, flowing transitions. Flow (or ‘vinyasa’) yoga ties together sun salutations, various asanas, and pranayama (breath work) to build heat, explore energy centers, and increase awareness in the body, mind and spirit.  Our most challenging class: some experience practicing yoga is recommended.

Restore Yoga
A guided surrender into quiet, supported postures using bolsters and blankets. Restorative yoga helps relieve stress and calm the nervous system. Gentle but long held poses facilitate deep release in connective tissue as you are guided into total relaxation.

Nia Dance/Fusion
Nia a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts to empower and self-heal the body.  This is a choreographed class set to great music that is fun, inspiring and open to all levels of experience!

Yoga Nidra
Balance all systems of the body with this guided savasana that uses ancient techniques to create complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation

Stretch Yoga
A relaxing, deeply moving class that consists of mostly floor work (non-weight bearing poses) to release tension and increase flexibility. Wonderful for athletes, those new to yoga, and anyone needing a good stretch.

Meditation is the practice of cultivating self understanding. Explore a variety of mindfulness practices including breath work, mantra, mudra, and visualization.  Release all that doesn’t serve and open to the love, light, and joy that we are. All levels are welcome, no experience necessary.

** Classes vary by instructor and depend on students’ needs. Click here to get to know our teachers.