About True Nature



True Nature Healing Arts is an intentional sanctuary providing an inspirational setting for connection and transformation. Set within Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley, at the base of the majestic, 12,966-foot Mount Sopris, True Nature Healing Arts provides an exceptional environment for retreats, workshops, ceremonies, and events.

Our facilities include elegant spaces for daily classes in yoga, movement, and meditation, a luxury spa for nourishing treatments, a socially conscious gift boutique and an organic café, providing sustenance for the community to gather around. Sitting at the spiritual center of the one-acre Peace Garden is the Kiva, a state-of-the-art events center for up to 100 guests. Every facet of True Nature has been created with great attention to detail and the intention of supporting each guest’s journey toward inspiration, connection, and self-discovery.


True Nature began quite humbly in 2007 with a small 500-square-foot multi-purpose studio on Carbondale's Main Street. In 2009, Eaden and Deva relocated to the Third Street Center, adding spa services and retail. Then, in 2011, True Nature expanded again, acquiring property just off the Rio Grande Trail, a bike path connecting Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The new facilities include inspirational indoor and outdoor spaces for individuals and groups to gather, connect, and explore their essential nature. 

True Nature's founders, Deva and Eaden Shantay, are deeply connected to the spirit of the land and are guided by the wisdom of their surroundings. This connection has always informed True Nature’s evolution. “We chose Carbondale because of its inherent beauty, proximity to nature and diverse community of ranchers, artisans, healers and business leaders,” shared Eaden Shantay.

While the ancient roots of yoga lie at the foundation of True Nature's transformational offerings, we welcome all teachings, traditions, cultures, and spiritual paths. Our deepest intention is to provide sacred space for individuals and groups to share and explore their passions.

True Nature places social and environmental responsibility at the core of every aspect of the brand and business. In building our facilities (Kiva, Peace Garden, Spa, Café and Gift Boutique), we used sustainably sourced building materials, biodynamic gardening principles, and we engaged the local community of talented artisans. Every choice was made with honor and respect for our planet, an intention that is felt deeply by the people who experience the magic and power of True Nature.

At True Nature Healing Arts, we invite you to explore, connect, and deepen so that you may discover the path you were meant to walk in this life. When we find our life's purpose and share our gifts and passions with the world, not only are we happiest, but we also provide the highest level of service to humanity.




From yoga to dance, Pilates to meditation, our intentional classes cultivate alignment between the body, mind and spirit. Our teachers are knowledgeable and experienced and passionately share their gifts in an inspirational way. Each class takes place in a studio that many visitors have called one of the most beautiful in the world. As your eyes take in the architecture and finishes, you will simultaneously be enveloped in a nourishing and supportive energy born of great intention, care, and love.




True Nature Healing Arts hosts a year-round calendar of events intended to educate, inform, and inspire. Topics include personal growth, self-discovery, healing, recovery, corporate development, yoga and Buddhist philosophy, the arts, and more. Click here to review our schedule of events and book your reservation.




Self-care and holistic wellness are at the center of our luxury spa services. With that ethos in mind, we offer luxurious treatments meant to soothe, revitalize, and support introspection. Along with a full compliment of traditional spa offerings, we also share ancient Ayurvedic therapies developed on the Indian continent. Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (meaning life) and veda (meaning knowledge) and speaks to an ancient practice with reverence to the body, universal interconnectedness and life forces.




The popular True Nature Organic Café reflects our commitment to wellness and connection through delicious organic fare sourced from the community, for the community. Open seven days a week, the menu of soups, salads, and baked goods have been crafted with a focus on seasonal, locally sourced food, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options made without preservatives or GMO ingredients. We also offer fair trade solar-roasted coffee and one of the largest organic tea selections in the Rockies.




The Peace Garden at True Nature Healing Arts acts as a restorative and centering environment where intentional, therapeutic installations are connected by organic, curved pathways and lush landscaping. Enjoy the Reflexology Path, Labyrinth, Yoga Spiral, Zen Garden, Fire Circle, Wishing Tree and various inspirational sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist deities. Open to the public, by donation, daily sunrise to sunset.




The eco-friendly Gift Boutique at True Nature Healing Arts includes a selection of products to support your spiritual practice and process of self-discovery. Intentionally curated from local artisans, and sustainable and socially conscious companies. Merchandise includes skin care, essential oils, Aura Soma, medicinal hemp products, crystals, jewelry, candles, chocolates, loose leaf teas, solar roasted coffee, inspirational books, and more. We know you’ll find the perfect conscious gift for yourself, loved ones, and friends.






True Nature founders Eaden and Deva Shantay exemplify the synergy and potential of a truly yin-yang partnership. In many ways they are opposites, which provides the perfect complementary forces and creative tension. While Deva provides powerful insight, an eye for aesthetics, and a practical understanding of the way things work, Eaden has a passion for supporting personal growth, nurturing community, and creating sacred spaces.

True Nature is the authentic nexus of their focused enthusiasm and natural gifts, guided in every endeavor by spirit and intention.


Eaden Shantay

Eaden grew up in a family with a deep love for arts, live music, architecture, and nature. His father was an award-winning property developer, his mother a modern dancer. Eaden’s upbringing, as well as his path of healing, greatly influenced his life and desire to create a sanctuary for restoration and personal growth. 

Eaden has been passionately seeking growth, community, and sacred space for over 30 years. He has a knack for bringing together talented people to support the evolution of his vision. He also loves sharing yoga philosophy, meditation, and conscious lifestyle classes and workshops.


Deva Shantay

Deva Shantay is a talented visionary endowed with the gift of intuitive sight. Before joining Eaden at True Nature, she pursued careers in graphic design and yoga therapy. True Nature has benefited greatly from her creativity, attention to detail, and understanding of systems.

Deva’s passions include offering intuitive sessions to clients to help them understand the roots of their challenges and the potential ways of actualizing their skills and passions in the world. She is also a gifted artist, yoga therapist, and a very dedicated mother of two beautiful daughters, Jade and Zayna.